Join the Dutch edition of the 2011 TV Lab Viewers Pitch!


Join the Dutch edition of the 2011 TV Lab Viewers Pitch!

Do you have a brilliant idea for a programme? Then join the 2011 TV Lab Viewers Pitch. Convince the jury and viewers with your idea and BNN might be producing your programme during TV Lab 2011! On top of that you'll be winning 2500 euros in cash. Go for it!

How does it work?

- Have you worked out an idea? Fill in the entry form and describe your idea as clearly as possible. You can send in your idea until April 7th.  

- Out of all the received ideas the jury will nominate 6.

- BNN will make trailers of all 6 ideas.

- Viewers from Nederland 3 can vote on these trailers.

- The idea that wins will be produced by BNN during TV Lab 2011 and the winner receives 2500 euros in cash.

What is a good programme?
You presenting a travel programme is a fun idea, but do not expect to win the Viewers Pitch with it. TV Lab is looking for original and creative ideas. If you want to know how to make an excellent programme, you'd better read this interview with BNN's Head of Programme Development Maarten van Dijk. He gives tips and tricks that you'll find useful while developing your idea.