“Dr. Ellen loves to share her secrets”


“Dr. Ellen loves to share her secrets”

The psychiatrist of the stars is back!  From Friday March 11th onwards the programme in which tormented and insecure celebrities get to sit on Dr. Ellen Goedkoop's couch will be broadcast by the VARA on Nederland 3.

Dr. Ellen is a sequel to Op de Bank (On the Couch), which was broadcast during TV Lab 2010. Lonneke van het Erve from the VARA department for programme development talks about crossmedial production in TV Lab and their collaboration with production company CCCP.

How it all started
”Last year we were collecting formats to submit to TV Lab on behalf of the VARA, when CCCP came up with Op de Bank. Their proposal caught our eye straight away as we all liked it very much, especially with Martine Sandifort as the lead. It's great that the programme gets a sequel on Nederland 3, because that's what you aim for when submitting a programme for TV Lab.”

From idea to crossmedial project
“We were inspired by Roek Lips' stimulating story about giving programmes for TV Lab more body by using crossmedial elements and got together with colleagues from the VARA who were involved with television and new media, and with producer Mattias Bouwman from CCCP. Together we assessed what means and people we had at our disposal, and what we could think up with them. At first the sky was the limit, but soon it became clear that some things weren't feasible and so we had to make choices.”

Dr. Ellen loves to share her secrets
”We all immediately agreed  that Dr. Ellen had to be present outside of the television programme as well. She's very active on Facebook and Twitter, she responds to current events and loves to share her secrets. We were able to experiment a lot around the time when the pilot was broadcast on TV Lab.”

Dr. Ellen already has more than 600 friends on Facebook, even before the programme is broadcast for the first time on Nederland 3. “Yeah, she's very busy. Ever since the pilot was broadcast last year she's constantly been on Facebook and Twitter. Not only during the day, but also at night when she's watching TV at home, or when she's going out, Dr. Ellen shares her opinion and adventures through social media. For instance this week she attended the première of Gooische Vrouwen. And it's just like Dr. Ellen to put a picture of her and Patty Brard on Facebook.”

Who is Dr. Ellen on Facebook and Twitter?
How did you organise this? “That's not a secret. She's doing all of it herself.”

On the phone with Dr. Ellen
After the broadcast of Op de Bank during TV Lab there was a live chat with Dr. Ellen. This experiment will not be continued. “No, this wasn't working out as we hoped, so we chose to further develop other things. For instance Dr. Ellen now has an extensive website where you can find all you'd like to know about her and her patients. From Peter Beense to Hans Dorrestijn, Dr. Ellen knows them all.”

The psychiatrist of the stars doesn't only devote her time to unhappy celebrities, but is there for you as well. From now on it's possible to call her for a personal consultation. “Yes, this is new! The concept of this viral is that Dr. Ellen gives you personal advice on one of the problems that she can be consulted on. After that you can send a friend a free consult through Hyves and Facebook. Very simple and effective. It's the first time that we are experimenting with this, so we're eager to know what the result will be.”

TV Lab 2011?
”We have just submitted a few proposals for TV Lab 2011 and now have to wait for the result. TV Lab is stimulating and inspiring, so we can't wait to get to work with other crossmedial projects.”

Dr. Ellen can be seen every week from Friday March 11th onwards at 9.15pm on Nederland 3. Rerun: Sundays at 11.30pm. Starring in episode 1: Fajah Lourens, Joop Braakhekke and Hans Dorrestijn. Dr. Ellen Goedkoop can be followed every day on her website, Facebook-account and Twitter. The first episode can be watched here on March 9th:

Reactions after the broadcast on TV Lab:

•  Hans Beerekamp in NRC: Comedienne Martine Sandifort [receives] Dutch celebrities. What is surprising, is that they all do some great acting and aren't afraid to caricature their weaknesses. It takes a lot of guts to do that, and they're doing a perfect job.

•  Winfried Baijens on Twitter: 'Op de Bank' is friggin' hilarious! Dr. Ellen Goedkoop is fabulous...

•  Cornald Maas on Twitter: Oh no, Aaf Brandt Corsius talks about her vanished cat and medium. Psych Sandifort is tremendous.

•  Paul de Leeuw: “A TV classic is born.” “Hysterically funny.”

•  Jean Pierre Geelen and Hans Beerekamp on DWDD: Beerekamp: “Yes, that was easily the best thing on TV Lab. We'd like to see that again.”

Photography: Frank Ruiter
Text: Hilde de Jong